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I heard that you can die from Ayahuasca. Is it so? Horror stories about deaths during Ayahuasca ceremonies have nothing to do with reality. Anyone who has drank Ayahuasca will confirm: it acts quite mildly, and the worst thing that can happen to you is nausea and diarrhea. In principle, there is not a single substance in Ayahuasca that would threaten the human body! If someone wants to discuss in detail the chemical composition of Ayahuasca decoction, we are always happy to contact you — the center’s doctor explains everything in simple words.

My psychologist does not recommend going to the Ayahuasca ceremony, explaining that I am not ready. Let’s start with the fact that only you can determine your readiness for something! No matter how professional your psychologist is, he is not a seer. And there is no need to endow him with sacred knowledge about you. If you believe the opposite, you should think about the qualifications of your psychologist: dependence on someone else’s opinion is also a psychological problem. Among psychologists there are many who are afraid of everything, do not accept alternative ways of knowing themselves and think exclusively within the framework of the knowledge that their alma mater gave them, without perceiving anything new.

Will I go crazy from Ayahuasca? There are no proven cases of insanity after Ayahuasca. Our center employs psychologists and psychotherapists who specialize in the topic of altered states of consciousness. This is a scientific topic like many others. We have been working in this field for 9 years, and during all the time we have been practicing, no one has gone crazy. Ayahuasca has the opposite task — to lead you on the right path.

Ayahuasca communities are a sect of very strange people. Over the 9 years of work, a large flow of different people from different parts of the world comes to us at the ceremony. Most of them are extremely free, successful people with an open mind. We organize many business retreats: top managers of world companies come, whose brains, God forbid, come to everyone — and there is no smell of sectarianism there. In principle, they are not able to fit into any sect due to their education, experience and independence of thought. Ayahuasca releases your natural beginning, but does not fetter you with some dubious idea or anything else.

Ayahuasca is something far-fetched, imposed by fashion trends, but in fact there is nothing like that in it. You need to know who to go to. There are ultra-tourist places where a person ends up who spontaneously decides to try a drink “for fun”, without preparation, without first choosing an accompanying person. In this case, yes, there may be no effect. Ayahuasca seems to feel your attitude towards her: the mirror principle works — as you are towards her, so she is with you. Quite a few people come to our ceremonies, disappointed by their previous experience. And here you need to talk to the person: figure out why this happened, and competently prepare him for the next retreat. Ayahuasca does not tolerate fuss and haste. If you come to a retreat, like a resort, with the request “surprise me quickly”, there will be no effect. Checked! 50% depends on the accompanying people (us and the Shaman), and 50% depends on the sincerity of your intentions.