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Ancient Ayahuasca Ritual

You are on the right track. This is a retreat center for Ayahuasca and other plant teachers. We are located in Ecuador, on the territory of the ancient Inca civilization — the ancestor of the Ayahuasca ceremony. Here, the traditions of the Ayahuasca ritual have been passed on for centuries by the descendants of the Incas from generation to generation. 9 years ago we embarked on the path of serving the sacred Ayahuasca ceremonies. Why? There are several reasons.

Education and interests

the organizers of the retreat center are a linguist, psychologist and doctor. the ancient Inca tradition of Ayahuasca rituals is of professional interest to everyone. the objects of research of specialists are different, but they are united by a scientific approach to tradition and ceremonies. This has a positive effect on the quality of retreats and your personal support. A doctor monitors the composition of the Ayahuasca decoction for the ceremony, a psychologist monitors the state of altered consciousness during the ritual, and a linguist who speaks Quechua (the language of the ancient Incas) accurately translates the revelations of the Curandero during the retreat. the nature of thinking and the system of images of the Inca descendants differ significantly from the Western mentality. Only someone who has professionally studied the semantics of language can correctly decipher Curandero’s mental images. the opening of the center was preceded by a lot of research in the field of teacher plants, Indian tribes, their traditions and dialects. So, in addition to Ayahuasca, we have developed programs that include the Kambo, San Pedro, Bufo Alvarius and Changa ceremonies.

Fateful meeting with the Maestro

Meeting Carlos determined the concept of the retreat center. This is a unique person who is able to see a person’s problem areas at a stage before they have yet manifested themselves on the physical plane. Or the source of existing problems. This is confirmed by the thousands of ceremony guests whom he helped in solving difficult situations. Read the reviews. He voices his revelations to everyone before the final ritual. Read an interview with him. Hence the great interest in the retreat center from all over the world. We speak Russian, Spanish, English and Quechua. Guests come here from Russia, Kazakhstan, the USA, Great Britain, Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Canada, etc. Among the guests are not only individuals, but also corporate clients. the following companies have hosted retreats with us: Apple, Amazon, British American Tabaco, Hennesy&Моёt Chandon, Volkswagen, Shell, Hewlett Packard, Juan Valdez and etc.