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Ayahuasca in the treatment of depression

Depression today ranks first in the ranking of common diseases, ahead of even oncology. A huge number of books and scientific articles are devoted to the topic of depression. Many specialists around the world offer various methods of getting rid of the disease, but world statistics show their low effectiveness.

Clinical depression is a serious mental illness when a person remains in an apathetic state for a long time. If a person’s loss of strength lasts more than one month, this is a signal that it’s worth thinking about it. Ayahuasca is considered one of the most effective methods of treating depression. This is due to the fact that the drink penetrates into the deepest emotional layers of the human psyche, bringing the problem to the surface. Every person develops blocks throughout his life that he carries inside. This is his own experience, acquired beliefs (culture, religion, family, society), prohibitions, and so on. The mind and body are cleared of negative energy that has been building up over many years. Mental cleansing is more difficult than physical cleansing. This is due to the fact that a person is forced to face his fears, weaknesses, doubts, sadness, anger, grievances and many other feelings and emotions. The process of deliverance often occurs through crying, screaming, laughter, waves of grief, sadness, and anger. These states must be lived to the fullest: it is better to suffer for several hours than to carry this material within you. Thus, Ayahuasca provides a clear understanding of the causes of depression. To be completely cleansed, one ceremony is not enough. Only a specialist can say exactly how many sessions are needed. Before concluding a contract, our psychotherapist must meet with you via video conference. Based on your problem, we recommend the optimal number of procedures. It happens that a person is not ready to let go of the problem right away. Sometimes some issues need to be worked on for a long time. This is due to the property of the psyche, which is structured like an onion: problems are layered on top of one another. And to get to the essence, you will inevitably have to meet and work through all the previous layers.