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What is the strength?Notes of Curandero’s revelations.

Each participant in our retreats receives from Curandero Carlos detailed, specific instructions (parting words) for the future: an understanding of fate, what is his role, what is best to avoid. At the end of the Ayahuasca ceremony, you receive knowledge about yourself, your world from the original source. Curandero voices questions related to fate in the language of his ancestors. Translating his messages to the participant in the Ayahuasca ceremony is one of the most difficult processes of the retreat.

We collect the Maestro’s revelations as they explain the world order to those interested in Ayahuasca ceremonies. One day, a book will be made from Curandero’s dialogues, but for now we will present excerpts from the conversations here.

— It is believed that shamans of Ayahuasca rituals adhere to certain techniques received from their ancestors — people from the tribe. Nowadays it is fashionable to ask which tribe does a Curandero belong to: Shipibo, Waorani, Shuar… Does tribe affiliation matter to someone who is going to undergo an Ayahuasca ceremony? — The power of a shaman is not determined by his tribe. It simply exists or it doesn’t. — What is the power of the Ayahuasca ceremony? — According to nature’s plan, everyone has access to power, but often people interfere with themselves. The Ayahuasca ceremony helps to overcome everything unnecessary. Any method of Ayahuasca ceremony comes down to what kind of incense and musical accompaniment the Curandero uses (laughs). The true essence is different. When you achieve inner strength, you understand everything without words. A feeling comes over you: “Yes, it is.“ Ayahuasca ceremonies allow you to see the structure of the field of each participant in the ritual. I clearly see your emotions — a fully formed structure that has its own vibration frequency. The Ayahuasca ceremony provides the opportunity to observe the sequence of certain future events. If the event is desired for the Ayahuasca retreat participant, you need to create vibrational synchrony with it (the event). If not, you need to neutralize the entities in you that attract these events. — How do you know if you need to undergo an Ayahuasca ritual? — Address the question to your heart. Trust him. The main thing is the ability to hear it. I often get asked this question. — You give people a specific plan of action during an Ayahuasca retreat. However, it’s all about the heart? — There is no contradiction here. I hear your heart more clearly than you. Seeing your path during the ceremony is our joint goal of the retreat. I need to feel you during the Ayahuasca ritual, to see your field, but you must open up to me. An Ayahuasca ceremony should be relaxing and invigorating. Only then is a successful Ayahuasca retreat possible: I help you hear your heart, and you trust me with all your “demons“ (literal translation from Quechua “non-flickering essences“). — Does the Ayahuasca ceremony always lead to results? — Judging by the number of participants in Ayahuasca ceremonies returning to us, I am doing quite well. Solving any everyday problem — relationships, money, health — are just accompanying bonuses. Many people consider these bonuses to be the purpose of Ayahuasca ceremonies, although the purpose of the ritual is completely different.