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Ayahuasca in the treatment of diseases diabetes, depression, hypothyroidism, obesity, chronic fatigue, hypertension.

We have said more than once that Ayahuasca should not be taken for the purpose of entertainment or with the desire to try something new. You need to take Ayahuasca seriously and be clear about your needs. In addition to spiritual enlightenment and working through mental problems (we have talked about them many times), this drink works with a number of body diseases. This article will discuss the treatment of diseases.

A short digression about how modern medicine works. The therapist prescribes a blood test, detects low hemoglobin levels, diagnoses anemia and recommends medications to restore its level. The psychiatrist diagnoses depression and prescribes antidepressants. The endocrinologist calls the disease hypothyroidism and also prescribes the drug. Thus, the patient walks in a vicious circle. In today’s official medicine, a fairly large list of symptoms and individual diseases have already been combined under the general diagnosis “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”, but many doctors, being narrow specialists, are skeptical about it, especially since doctors do not have an objective scale for measuring fatigue. There are a huge number of so-called “medical diagnoses“ that doctors themselves don’t know what to do with. The result: the patient is forced to either carry a bag of pills (which, by the way, become more expensive every year) or take a drug for the rest of his life that does not solve the body’s problems, but only maintains it in a state of some fragile “balance“. No matter how educated and enlightened a modern person is, it turns out that he still does not have answers to many questions. A diagnosis made by a doctor is just a diagnosis.

How our healer works.

Our curandero (healer) is not looking for a universal cure for all diseases. He looks at the patient, listens to his wishes, gives the first portion of the drink and carefully monitors the reaction. Moreover, his observations are a combination of sensations from the patient — both visual and invisible. The healer reads the energy field, watches the patient’s behavior and, based on his observations, prepares a decoction from those components that are needed specifically for this patient. The effectiveness of treatment is directly related to an individual approach to the problems of not just a person as an individual, but a person as a fusion of energy flows. Our goal is to help a person restore the energy system to its original form. And the body will independently establish the correct functioning of all its functions, laid down by nature itself. Now let’s look at the diseases that Ayahuasca relieves. Depression. A separate article is devoted to this. Read (Ayahuasca in the treatment of depression). This term, widespread in modern society, denotes conditions that are a component and manifestation of a number of diseases: chronic fatigue syndrome, hypothyroidism, anemia… and is also part of a state of chronic stress, but can also be an independent mental disease. Hypothyroidism is hypofunction of the thyroid gland. Unfortunately, this disease is quite common, and recently it has become younger. Typically, a decrease in thyroid function was observed in adults after 40‑45 years of age, however, with the increased stress of modern life in large cities, already at the age of 20‑30 you may encounter the classic set of symptoms that are characteristic of this disease. Obesity is a chronic metabolic disease characterized by excessive deposition of adipose tissue and weight gain. The spread of the disease in a civilized society, regardless of age and hereditary factors, is becoming alarming. Diabetes mellitus is an endocrine disease that develops as a result of absolute or relative deficiency of the hormone insulin and is associated with dysfunction of the pancreas. Chronic stress is the human body’s response to prolonged physical, emotional or psychological stress or simply to monotonous bustle. It is accompanied by increasing releases of adrenaline into the blood, which the body can no longer cope with. This can lead to various metabolic diseases. Hypertension is a persistent increase in blood pressure, the causes of which in modern medicine still have no clear opinion. Alcoholism, drug addiction and other addictions. Neurological diseases.

This is not a complete list of diseases with which people come to us and with which our Quandero successfully works. We closely monitor the health status of each client who comes to us; we ask you to send us screening tests to monitor the dynamics of the disease. A positive result is very important to us. We declare with full responsibility that Ayahuasca works! We would like to draw your special attention to such a concept as attuning to health. This term, although not very clear to the civilized mind, is “understandable“ to the body of any person. During your two weeks of jungle healing, we work intensively to fine-tune your body’s healing processes. Once they are started, you just need to support them in your daily life to achieve health. To do this, we will provide all the necessary materials, information and recommendations. The final achievement of the goal becomes a matter of only a short time. We are waiting for you for treatment in the jungle — or rather for healing.