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Where to begin…

Acquaintance The first thing you need to do when deciding on an Ayahuasca ceremony is to contact us. Communication is carried out via WhatsApp or Telegram. We’re getting to know you. If necessary, we plan a detailed conversation with the doctor. If there is no such need, no one will insist on it.
Purchasing air tickets Having discussed all the details of the upcoming Ayahuasca ceremony that interest you, we move on to the stage of purchasing tickets to the city of Quito — the capital of Ecuador (Latin America). The airport is called Quito Mariscal Sucre.
Making a reservation Send your purchased tickets to us. We need them to register the transfer from the airport. Next, book your place at the Ayahuasca retreat. The cost of one reservation is $200. There are various options for transactions from any part of the world, without exception. The amount of the reservation for the Ayahuasca retreat is included in the price of the retreat (ссылка на условия и стоимость). You pay the rest on the spot.
Details By booking the dates for your Ayahuasca ceremony, you will receive all the necessary preparation instructions, list of things and other nuances.