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Retreat price

For those who live nearby and come often:
4 nights, 3 ceremonies$ 1200
For those who go for self-knowledge and solutions to internal psychological problems:
6 nights, 4 ceremonies$ 1450
10 nights, 6  ceremonies$ 1950
For those who come for relief from diseases (rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, etc.):
14 nights, 9 ceremonies$ 2950
For those who are coming to get rid of addiction:
17 nights, 11 ceremonies$ 4100

Special program “Rebirth”

DayArrival at the loge, getting to know the area, relaxing. DayKambo ceremony (deep cleaning of the body, preparation for Ayahuasca), lunch, rest, Ayahuasca ceremony. DayBreakfast, making your own Ayahuasca decoction under the guidance of the Maestro, lunch, relaxation, Ayahuasca ceremony. DayInhalation of medicinal herbs (as prescribed by the shaman), breakfast, walk through the jungle exploring Amazonial plants along the Shaman's Path, lunch, rest, Ayahuasca ceremony. DayBreakfast, visit to the Inca community, canoe trip along the Amazon tributary, dinner, rest. Changa ceremony. DayBreakfast, transfer from loge.
Cost of the program per person: $ 2050