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Where do is start… My wife visited Ecuador with friends for a 7 day ayahausca retreat for new years. I was originally against it and was wanting to plan a trip later in the first quarter of the year for both of us to go to Peru to attend another retreat I had read good reviews about online. She ultimately decided to go to Ecuador and returned with raving reviews. I instantly noticed the changes in her when she returned home. To make a long story short we immediately starting planning another trip back to the Ecuador retreat for the both of us only a few weeks from when she returned home at the beginning of Jan for her birthday. We ultimately decided to request a private ceremony only for the both of us. This was going to be my second Aya experience, so all I had to base my judgement on was from my first experience that I had with a facilitator in Puerto Rico, never with a Shaman. After seeing the changes in my wife I was excited to partake in these ceremonies although still somewhere skeptical from what she told me she experienced. It sounded hard to believe and a little exaggerated to be honest. We finally embark on our journey back to Ecuador and was meet by Deana and Marat at the airport. They were waiting right outside the exit terminal and made it a super easy and stress free arrival. We finally arrived to this amazing lodge in the jungle after a 4hr ride from the airport. Immediately upon arrival this place felt magical. It sits right on a high bank overlooking a beautiful flowing rocky river that that you can hear the rapid water flowing from everywhere around the lodge. The accommodations were better than I was expecting for this type of experience and the people at the lodge were very accommodating. We had 4 aya ceremonies scheduled, as well as one day of San Pedro. One of the days we made our own aya with the shaman which was a very nice experience. As far as the aya ceremonies and the shaman I cannot put into words how great the experience was and how different it was compared to my only other experience I had with a facilitator. It was truly nothing short of amazing. The only was I can really explain it is that once you are in the experience it was obvious that the shaman commanded the energy in the room and I felt like he worked on my energy for me doing most of the work himself. At first I was kind of hesitant and concerned once i felt how much power he had to take control on my energy. I have read stories of shamans with bad intentions and it was always a concern of mine. but after the first ceremony i was completely trusting of him and extremely grateful for his sacrifice to his craft to truly help people. I felt like he sacrifices part of him to help others and it takes a toll on him physically and mentally. I’m not sure you can really put a price on someone like that or an experience like this. Without going into so much detail about what happened in the actual ceremonies, all I will say is that at the end of the 7 day retreat I feel like I have been completely re-tooled from within my spiritual and conscious being. I have this huge explosive energy that i had lost control of and had taken control over me. I am leaving feeling completely at peace with my past mistakes, shedding all the resentment, disappointment, and blaming i was carrying around subconsciously with my wife and life partner. I have made some painfully obvious realizations to what’s important to me and my happiness in life, in which the relationship with my wife is at the top of that list. I have received clarity on how ridiculous we were both being in the past, which was keeping us from fully living our best life. They’re so much more to say but I’ll just end with this. We will definitely be back have this experience again as long as it’s available here. What ever the best case scenario I could have imagined going into this was completely outdone and surpassed by the actual experience i left with.